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Why should I choose SafeMom over other dryer vent companies?

Updated: Jul 5

At SafeMom our goal is to give you the best service at the cheapest price. All of our technicians are full-time public service professionals who work for SafeMom on their days off. No one at SafeMom is trying to make a living off of providing this service, so this allows us to be cheaper than our competitors. Don't be fooled by our competitors who charge a fee to come out and inspect your vent system, then give you a quote on cleaning. We have had customers who tell us they were charged over $60 for the inspection and then the cleaning ranged from another $99 to $250 on top of the inspection fee. Our price includes the inspection and the cleaning. We don't charge based on the length of your vent system for cleaning and inspection, we charge one flat rate. We are insured and use the best cleaning systems we can find. At SafeMom we want to earn your trust and your repeat business, we know this can only happen through honesty and integrity. We do offer reroutes, repairs, and upgraded replacement parts, but will never try to sale you something you don't need or offer a repair that isn't necessary. Without you the customer, SafeMom wouldn't exist, and we know this, and appreciate our customers.

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