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What to expect when SafeMom cleans your dryer vent!

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

We are often asked - "what will I get and what can I expect when you come out to clean my dryer vent?"

Our standard residential service includes the following:

When we come to your home we will inspect your dryer vent exhaust with our state-of-the-art camera system to show you a "before" video. We then clean your transition duct hose with our vacuum - the connection from the dryer to the wall - then we proceed to clean your dryer vent exhaust from the inside wall of the laundry area to the outside where it exits (terminates) the home. We use a brush system that scrubs, breaks down and pushes out the built up lint. We then vacuum out the debris and clean up our work area.

Vents terminate in several common places on homes; on the side of the home down low at a crawl space, up along the side of the home above the first or second level, or thru the roof. All vents are cleaned from inside the home behind the dryer. We will also inspect and clean the termination outside, so as long as that vent terminates at or below 20 feet vertically on the side of your home.

We will also make recommendations if we see any safety issues or just simple techniques for making your dryer run more efficient thus saving you money.

Finally, after we are completed with the cleanup, we will run through your vent again with our camera system and show you the results! We want to earn your trust and that happens with proof - and this in return - results in your peace of mind and satisfaction!

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