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Why is cleaning your dryer vent important?

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Cleaning dryer vents is often very underrated and overlooked. It is one of the those "out of sight, out of mind" recurring maintenance issues that, until there is a problem, it is not thought about.

Dryer vent exhaust is designed to expel the heat, moisture and debris (lint) from clothing that is created during your laundry drying cycles. It is imperative that your vent does not have a buildup of lint inside the walls of the smooth exhaust ducting. This will happen when taking small amounts of cottons and other materials, adding moisture, pushing them down the exhaust where they stick to the sides then dry and harden. Add multiple cycles per week, or even per day, this builds up and causes blockages. Once these blockages reduce and restrict the airflow, your dryer is no longer able to push the moisture out - resulting in longer drying cycles, damp clothes at the end of cycles, damage to the dryer itself(heating elements and blower fans) increased cycle times that cost you more energy consumption (money) or - worst case - a fire!

Below is an image of the lint removed from a vent that exhaust straight up through a roof. This was after cleaning only about 3 feet inside the vent.

Allow SafeMom to clean your homes dryer vent to prevent fires, prevent damage and increase efficiency in your drying process.

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